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B y U ingenieros, counts heavily on computerized systems for the execution and control of the projects.

In the area of project control, we use computer programs for scheduling, advance and budget control, making easier their administrative follow-up.

The office relies on equipment and facilities that allow high-quality and optimum development of engineering projects: computerized design and drafting workstations, laser printers, color printers, ink plotter systems, large format digitizing boards, optical scanners. All the computer equipment is interconnected via networks, allowing also remote access via internet.

B y U ingenieros uses advanced programs for engineering calculations in pressure vessels and storage tanks, pipe stress analysis, hydraulic calculations and simulation of pipelines and networks, electrical load calculations, structural and foundation calculations. This is complemented with Computer Assisted Design and Drafting programs which increase the productivity and quality of the final engineering documents.

All this equipment and installations is supported by a highly qualified group of engineers, technicians, computer programmers and administrative personal.

Following is a listing of the significant projects developed by B y U ingenieros: